weekend work

Saturday, Daniel and I undertook a large project that has been nagging at me for a while. Lily’s “big girl room” has been our office the past two years. A couple of months ago we moved the desk into our bedroom and moved the new furniture into that room. Our garage is well stocked in miscellaneous furniture that is slowly finding homes. We painted the walls from a dingy cream to a beautiful purple-gray mixed from 3 partial cans of gray we had laying around. It reminds me of storm clouds. My mother-in-law made a gorgeous quilt in peach and aqua that is so pretty against the dark walls. The closet had never been cleared out and still housed all of our camping gear and some other office related stuff.

Allow me to show you the lovely before pictures!  Brace yourselves.


What did we accomplish?  

  • 2 boxes of too-small clothes were moved into the attic.
  • Camping backpacks were repacked and stocked up for our next trip and moved to the master closet.
  • 2 sleeping bags were moved to the attic.
  • Hunting gear was organized and moved to the attic.
  • Rarely used luggage was consolidated and moved from the master closet to the attic.
  • The baby swing and car seat were taken down from the attic and are ready for Willow’s arrival.
  • All of Lily’s worldly belongings have been moved to her new room, except for the crib, which she will continue to sleep in until her birthday.
  • The infant toys have been unpacked and placed in the nursery.
  • The swaddling blankets have been found and folded neatly into the nursery dresser.
  • The newborn clothes have been unpacked and are ready for washing and sorting.
  • All of Lily’s hair bows and play-jewelry was sorted into a cute little organizer my granny gave me this week. (Thanks Granny, it’s perfect!)
  • All of the toys that have been finding their way into every corner of my house were put back in Lily’s new room and organized! As a side note, I will be so glad when I can bend over again to pick up toys as needed.
  • Lily’s dresses are hanging neatly in her closet. Hanging hasn’t been practical at all, so the change is nice.
  • We started painting the dresser I bought for $45, and it looks amazing!
  • I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we finally have a hamper for Lily. I’ve just been tossing them in a laundry basket (or worse, the corner) and I’ve hated it!

Phew! Did I mention we did this with Lily at home and awake so some of it got done two or three times? I was wiped out and had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions before Daniel forced me to sit still and rest.

We’re still getting the final coat of paint on the dresser.  It has proven to be a PAIN to paint, but it looks so cute!  We also have to frame some artwork and hang it.  Yesterday, I got a lampshade and toss pillow for the bed.  The room is really coming together, and I can’t wait to get that dresser in there and show you! Stay tuned for the after photos!

Are you a DIYer?  Show me your projects!


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