Still here!

Willow is 3 weeks old now, and Lily is just 1 month away from her second birthday!  I have not lost my mind yet, and have managed to get a shower almost daily!  It’s amazing what washing off the Big Foot smell will do for your state of mind.  I’m taking it one day at a time, and soaking in this phase, as hard as it may be, because I may not get to experience it again.  Balance is hard at this point.  I spend nearly half my life nursing, and Lily needs so much attention at this point in her life.  I like order and cleanliness, but I have to remember that Lily needs extra reassurance that I love her.  My house will be clean one day soon, and in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy toddlerhood to the fullest.

I’ve learned to do some crazy stuff simultaneously with breastfeeding.  I can cook nearly anything, including scrambled eggs, soup, and muffins. Although, cutting up veggies one handed is a lot of hard work.  I can change Lily’s diaper while nursing.  I also bathed Lily last night, but had to put Willow down to put Lily in her PJs.  I can wash my face and do my make up (granted, I hardly wear enough make up to count for anything).  I can type, but it’s a pain, so I don’t.  Sleeping and nursing.  I’m the best at that one!  I never got to breastfeed with Lily, so this is all new to me.  It’s exhausting, to say the least; especially at night when she’s cluster feeding, and all I want is to slouch with my elbows on the table and eat my food slowly. I have to fight the urge to just give her a bottle so I can relax for a bit. My shoulder muscles must resemble pretzels at this point, and I may have to treat myself to a massage soon.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen that I’ve developed a thing for sugar cookies.  I’m going to start making designer cookies for special events and selling them.  Watch the blog for pictures of my edible artwork very soon!


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