Willow’s Birth Story


At my 37 week check up, Willow gave us a little scare. I sat hooked to a fetal monitor for half an hour counting a few little kicks and listening to a slower-than-normal heart rate. A week later it was the same thing again, but her baseline was low enough to justify a call to the perinatologist for his opinion. He was unconcerned, because sonograms were still showing a very healthy baby. After some discussion with our doctor about her concerns and our wishes, we decided that the safest option for Willow was to induce. So, bright and early on October 28th, we drove to the hospital. I was starving for pancakes, but was told to fast. We went through all the prep work and the lovely process of trying to find a vein large enough to put an IV in (I have terrible veins). By 6:30 in the morning, labor was underway!

I had hoped to try natural labor using oils, but knew that an induction was going to make it very difficult. The decision was made to go ahead with an epidural before I felt I needed one, because the anesthesiologist had so many c-sections to oversee. I had to push for 4 1/2 hours in Lily’s birth and wanted to rest in case that happened again. And rest I did! I felt very loopy, and was happy to sleep off the food cravings I had created browsing Pinterest… I needed pumpkin cinnamon rolls, darn it!

I did use my diffuser! Wild Orange and Balance for calming. My nurse, bless her, also loves doTERRA essential oils and would inhale deeply every time she walked in, so I always knew it was her. The room smelled wonderful, and I stayed very relaxed. I also used Clary sage essential oil on my ankles to encourage good contractions. They ended up turning down my pitocin, because I was contracting very well. With Lily, they kept increasing it regularly. I also made up a peri spray with helichrysum and frankincense to help prevent tearing. I had torn to the muscle with Lily and was in complete agony for two weeks later. I had a little tearing, but am using the spray and haven’t noticed the tear at all!

At around 1:30 I was ready to push.  Daniel stood by me, and the whole thing was so serene.  She came so easily and peacefully; before I knew it I was holding a very tiny little girl!  The cord had been wrapped around Willow’s neck twice, but God was gracious!  The doctor was in awe of how long the umbilical cord was… the longest she’d ever seen.  This fact probably saved our little girl from some pretty scary complications.  The nurse rubbed her dry and laid her on my chest.  Willow is so tranquil.  She just laid on my chest gazing around the room for an hour.  She took to nursing very easily!  I am so grateful, I never could convince Lily to nurse.

Having 2 is a huge challenge, but I have never been happier. Willow is precious, and I am loving every second. This whole experience has brought our family so close together; I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.


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