Fairy Treasure

As an artist, I’ve dreamed of teaching my little girls how to create beauty in their worlds.  Lily and I have experimented with crayon, watercolor, and play dough the past year, but I was ready for a more challenging creative endeavor.  The struggle comes when you consider how you can involve a two-year-old without things getting ruined or scissors finding little locks of hair.  Then, it came to me!

I’m not the kind of person to keep things that are not sentimental or useful, but I have kept this silly Chinese tea box for nearly 3 years because it was pretty and I knew it had a purpose. So it remained tucked away the past few years waiting for inspiration to strike!  Lily and Daniel take walks together when she needs to blow off some toddler steam, and she’s always bringing home little treasures.  Giant acorns and river pebbles were her most recent discoveries.  So, we sat on the couch watching our Friday morning movie (Tinkerbell), and the box caught my eye, and I knew then why I had saved it!  I grabbed the box and Lily and I went hunting for Fairy Treasures!  We grabbed her acorns and pebble, then I found some beautiful mallard tail feathers Daniel brought me once, and some old tarnished charms from a long-unworn charm bracelet, a few bottle caps, buttons, corks, tea tins, tiny turquoise dice, and other various trinkets.  We put them in our Fairy Treasure Box to save for making a fairy glen.fairy treasures

I wish I could describe the joy on her little face when we started putting it all together!  She made a table of an old thread spool and her pebble and placed buttons for plates.  The bottle caps make the perfect seats for little stools made from wine corks.  I think I may make a special place in the flower bed just for her fairy glen and it will be an ongoing project for many years.  What do you do to inspire creativity in your children?


5 thoughts on “Fairy Treasure

  1. Positively delightful! I told stories to my kids…and along with story time I would draw on the wall. As the story progressed over weeks and months, the kids saw the story come to life on the wall. Now many years later, my kids still talk about that wall and the story. (Mind you they are in their early 20’s now) The sadness being they couldn’t take the wall with them. Your children are going to have wonderful memories. Fairytale treasure…again, delightful! 😀 Good job MOM!

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      1. Sadly no photos. Life was a whirlwind at the time and the story wall really helped us/the kids to escape. It’s sweet to hear how much enjoyment they got out of it being that they are in their 20’s! My daughter will say when the thought of the “story wall” is brought up, “I wish you would have drawn it on a board we could take with us everywhere!” (It would have had to be a very large board!) I appreciate your comment. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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