Beauty is something that I am passionate about.  I’m not talking about a Vogue kind of beauty, but the kind of beauty that God creates. We are drowning in it, but sometimes we’re speeding through life so rapidly we forget to breathe it in.  I have mentioned that I am a sculptor.  Art is my favorite form of worship.  It took me a long time to understand how I could use that gift to serve God.  In times of inspiration, I enter a sort of artist’s trance and half the time I hardly comprehend how to do what it is I am setting out to accomplish in the mud.  In those moments of clay flying, tools working as extensions of my fingers, studying the anatomy of my model (sometimes a cow, sometimes my dog, occasionally a fascinated elephant at the zoo) I get to see how perfectly artistic is our Creator.  And he teaches me to marvel at his genius and his love of the absurd alongside perfect order.  Think of a snail.  They look ridiculous with their slimy, shapeless bodies and telescoping eyes, and yet their shells represent one of the most fascinating and beautiful mathematical formulas found in the universe: the Fibonacci Sequence.  Everything from snails, to pine cones and roses, to hurricanes and galaxies, even human ears are representations of Fibonacci spirals. Perfect order riding on the backs of absurd, oozing little creatures.


Photo Credit: Vyacheslav Mishchenko

I’ve learned that God loves the humble things, no detail is too small. Even a chicken, a bird we use for food, can be arrayed in feathers with such beautiful detail that would never be seen by most people.  All of nature points to him!


I seek beauty in my surroundings because I think it’s how I most relate to God… as a creator. I sculpt to better appreciate the creatures he’s made. I’ve fallen in love with every animal I’ve sculpted. I’ve gotten to watch their quirks, and their fascination with me as I sculpted them.  I see every tiny detail that the creator saw fit to give his creatures, and I have the privilege of being able to interpret those details for others to view in a new way. I get to tell their stories and brag about the artistic genius of the Creator.


I hope that you will take a walk, and look for beauty. Rest assured that God is in the details so tiny as much as he is in the vast landscapes that leave us breathless.


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