Seeking Silence

prickly pearWe live in so much noise. Our senses are unrelentingly assaulted from every side and some days it seems there can be no relief. I stay home with my children 80% of our time in a home that I have resolved to make a place of peace and calm. And yet… phones ring, texts ding, emails ping, and distractions are like shiny bling catching our eyes and pulling our hearts away from what actually matters.  In my anxiety it seems so suffocating even the dogs’ toenails clacking on the wood floors is enough to send me into nervous jitters.

He draws my heart to be in silence with Him, to have space to breathe and to know Him, the God of peace, better.

I’m so grateful to have a God that whispers, “Peace, be still.” He draws my heart to be in silence with Him, to have space to breathe and to know Him, the God of peace, better. But silence is one of the greatest challenges to our noisy culture.  We idolize busyness and having a voice. We are all so busy trying to make a difference in the world that we have become cacophonous, like a room full of toddlers smashing toys together, repeating the word “why” endlessly and senselessly, and clamoring for the thing we most want.  The great strength of the American people, our ambition and drive, has become a festering wound to something far more valuable: our spirits. We’ve shoved silence aside to make room for more avenues to succeed.

Let me encourage you to make space for silence. Practice silence. In my home, that looks like setting the phone on silent and leaving it on my coffee bar, going to check it for urgent phone calls once an hour or so. (I leave it on do not disturb and make an exception for my husband and my parents.) Last week, we rearranged our home by taking the TV out of the family room. It sits in my husband’s office and we made a distraction-free space to sit as a family or with friends over coffee. This has had the added bonus the television being out of sight out of mind for my girls, and they rarely ask to watch TV anymore, instead, they’ve been playing with their toys. (GASP) My new favorite thing is folding laundry.  No, I’m not insane…. maybe. Once a week I set aside a day to do laundry. I have the hangers on a tension rod right by the dryer, I fold the clothes right on top of the washer and dryer, and above them I pin up scriptures I’ve been working to memorize.  Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast, but for the most part this is a quiet time for me. There are days that the kids act like rabid baboons and it is all I can do to catch a breath between correction and kissing boom-booms, and on those days, I stay up until 1 am just recovering my peace. In those moments of silence, listen for God.


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