Beauty as a Love Letter

IMG_20160708_213724Beauty captivates me. I’ve never felt more connected to God than the times when His creation stopped me in my tracks and held me spellbound and breathless.  I relate the most to Him as a creator and an artist. I’m preparing a one hour lesson on watercolor for the elementary age girls in our church. How on earth do I sum up watercolor in an hour?  But more importantly, how do I express that watercolor is ultimately a medium for us to connect with and glorify our Creator.

Then God looked over all he had made and it was very good. — Genesis 1:31

I’ve found myself entranced with the way the pigment dances in a drop of water and then catches the edge of another color and blooms and marries the other pigment, changing color where they intersect.  No, God didn’t create watercolors.  He made the minerals we use to grind and extract their rich colors.  He created water, and I know he thought about how His children would admire the beauty of a blue azurite stone.  He foresaw us grinding it and mixing it with water to create pigments, and He planned exactly the way it would change when we added cobalt and how it would swirl and dance when we added it to water.  It’s by His design.  There is no detail of the natural world and how humans manipulate and combine those elements that God left to chance.

If you ask most people what color the field of grass is, most will simply tell you, “green.” But stop and look closer, green is nothing but the marriage of blue and yellow. I’d be surprised if you didn’t see most of the rainbow in a simple field of grass. The gold and orange of the dried grass, the purple in the shadows, the blue glint of a weed, red husks of a seed stalk. It’s all there, even if only subtly so.

There is no detail of the natural world and how humans manipulate and combine those elements that God left to chance.

Close your eyes and simply touch a leaf, touch a variety of leaves.  Run your hand across your coffee table, brush a rose petal against your cheek, feel the way the cool sheets warm to the exact temperature of your skin. Every texture was in His plan for creation. He gifted us with 5 incredible senses which are individually fascinating and miraculous.  But when senses combine they can create experiences that turn to memories that last decades and can be brought to the forefront of our mind with a simple hint of a smell or the tone of a few musical notes.

Go out in to the world today with the intention of seeking out His beauty. It’s in a kind word, a gentle touch, a laugh bubbling up, warm sunshine on your shoulders mingled with a cool breeze. It’s in the sun faded dye of your favorite t-shirt and it’s in the way music stirs our souls. Meditate on what the beauty of God’s creation says about how He loves you.


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