Hello, I’m Kimberly.

In January of 1996, the week I turned 9, my family went to church in a barn with gaps in the wood so large the sleet was blowing in. We met a family with two sons who were 7 and 5 years older than I.  Our families became good friends, eventually building homes next door to one another. 9 years after that day in the barn, the younger son asked me on a date. Daniel and I went bowling, and hung out eating a bowl of chili in our friends’ living room.  We barely talked the entire night, but when he walked me to the front door, I knew that he was it and this was the last first date I would ever have.

We were married in the spring of 2007, struggled with infertility and miscarriage for 5 years, found our home in an incredible church family, and in 2012 we welcomed our sweet Lily. 22 months later, we had our Willow. Daniel and I spent 6 years collecting people.  The dearest of friends constantly in our home and around our table.  We loved to fill our house with friends and then to fill them up. We were encouraged by them, dug into the Word with them, prayed with them, and challenged to live bold faith by them.  We learned about grace and the life-changing power of the gospel. We developed a passion for relationship and discipleship.

In the fall of 2014 I felt the Spirit asking me to pray that we would be debt free in 5 years.  We had over $150k in debt, and barely made enough to pay the bills, but I prayed, waiting on God to do it for us.  In 2016, our life was turned on end and shaken.  We lost our 6th and final baby to the same genetic abnormality that had taken 3 babies from us already.  We felt God tugging us toward the mission field, and asking us to take some big steps of faith.  That summer, we obediently made the steps to put our home on the market, believing we were going to have a tiny house built, we began purging belongings like the house was on fire.  Before the house went on the market, over 70% of our belongings had been sold or given away. On a Thursday night in September, our house went on the market, on Friday, 12 viewings, 6 offers, and 1 contract later, it was off the market. In less than 24 hours we received an offer on the house that would give us enough equity to pay off the entirety of our debt. God had faithfully made a way to clear all of our debts, and it only took 2 years instead of 3.

Our plan had been to build a tiny house, a place to live that we would have paid off in 3 years, and a place to come home to from the mission field. God has a funny way of changing plans and pressed on Daniel and I that it was time to walk away from his job. We had planned to be responsible, and line up a home and a new job before that step was made.  We had $50k in the account, we could pay all of our bills  for a year on that cash. So, after prayer, he quit his job. Then, we remained obedient and used our cash to pay off all the debt. Less than a week after the step in obedience, we felt a very great desire for the mission field. Secretly, we both fantasized about mission in Scotland, and both feeling guilty that we wanted to be in a place we’d always dreamed of living. One day, I


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