Willow’s Birth Story

At my 37 week check up, Willow gave us a little scare. I sat hooked to a fetal monitor for half an hour counting a few little kicks and listening to a slower-than-normal heart rate. A week later it was the same thing again, but her baseline was low enough to justify a call to … Continue reading Willow’s Birth Story


playing vet

As a parent, you play doctor a lot.  When you're a pet owner, that is also true.  Our littlest "kid,"  Goose, has been sick all week.  She's a 15 pound Corgi/Rat Terrier mix who is a spitfire and a half.  We've been dealing with what I thought was a bit of an upset tummy and … Continue reading playing vet

the bump report

Friday marked 36 weeks of this wonderful pregnancy.  My 5th, but that's a story for another day.  I am blessed beyond measure to be growing another gorgeous girl, whom I am growing very anxious to meet. At some point, the novelty of pregnancy wears off; it came a lot sooner having a wild girl to chase … Continue reading the bump report