snickerdoodle cookies

What is it about smells and flavors that makes time travel possible?  The tangy, crispness of a snickerdoodle cookie coated in cinnamon instantly takes me to the kitchen of my childhood best friend.  "Fuff's" mom was always making these beautiful little cookies, and threatening the 6 of us kids not to devour them.  We'd run in muddy, … Continue reading snickerdoodle cookies


lentil soup

The sky is a pale grey, and and an autumn breeze is teasing my curtains as it blows through the window.  The Bradford pear trees are beginning to turn rosy; is fall finally here?  It's a sleepy sort of day in our home.  Lily was up extra early in need of comfort, and I am … Continue reading lentil soup

awesome pizza – the best pizza you will ever taste!

Yes, this pizza is so good we named it "Awesome Pizza."  No, you've probably never had anything like it.  It's all from scratch, and is relatively guilt free!  It's chicken with mozzarella, Parmesan, basil, garlic and.... PECANS!  It's decadent... trust me.  I've never fed it to anyone who has not left my table raving about … Continue reading awesome pizza – the best pizza you will ever taste!

my pumpkin bread

Pumpkins.  Who doesn't love pumpkins?  Beautiful, orange orbs heralding cooler weather, brightly colored scarves, hot drinks, and incredible food.  They signal the beginning of autumn, when leaves burst into glorious color before laying a soft, crackling carpet under our boots.  We have a family tradition of visiting the Dallas Arboretum every October to stroll through their … Continue reading my pumpkin bread